How-To: Create a Faux Bun with Marley Hair

20 Oct

by Janday Wilson

13 Left side

Ladies, let’s be honest. As much as we love our natural tresses, at times we get exhausted and frustrated with the amount of TLC they require. We all need effortlessly fabulous styles that we can create quickly, and what is more chic and simple than a high bun?

The faux bun created with the textured Marley hair has so many benefits it is stiff competition to other natural styles. It is a protective hairstyle that requires very little manipulation of your hair, it takes no more than 20 minutes to pin the hair in, the style can be dismantled and reconstructed very quickly, and it can easily transition from the office to a night out or to a more formal affair.

Many of us have probably avoided going out because our hair refused to cooperate. Now we have no more excuses.


  • 1 pack of Marley hair (about $5, most hair stores)
  • Hair pins
  • Hair band
  • Hair tie or knee-high stockings
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Water

Optional Tools

  • Ecostyler gel: Olive Oil or Argan Oil ($4.99, Sally’s)
  • Hair scarf(s)


1) I am a no-heat type of gal, so if I am creating this style after washing my hair, I braid or twist my hair to stretch it out. That way, if I choose to, I can rock a braid- or twist-out for a few days before creating the bun. Be mindful of the fact that the size of your Afro puff will determine how large your faux bun will look as you are wrapping the Marley hair around your real hair.

2) Once it’s time to pull the hair up, spritz around the sides of the hair with a bit of water, then take a wide tooth comb and comb the hair a bit from the root to stretch it out some more. Do not comb completely through a section of hair as your hair will be mostly dry and you don’t want to break your hair (or the comb!).

*Optional: Use palm-sized handfuls of Ecostyler gel on your hair to make the style sleeker. Make sure to catch your edges, and brush it up with a boar bristle brush. This gel is awesome because it does not leave your hair hard and flaky, looking like the up-dos of yesteryear. And if you’re still a fan of the 90s, feel free to brush down a few baby hairs.

3) Pull the hair up with a hair-tie or hair band. I use a knee-high stocking because it is very stretchable and makes it easier for me to neatly tie up my hair. If you used gel in your hair, tie a silk scarf around your hair, starting with the back to ensure that it lies as flatly as possible. You can tie a second scarf around the hair to secure the first scarf and achieve maximum smoothness. Sleep with this get-up overnight or rock it for a couple of hours if doing the style the same day.

4) Tie a long hair band around the middle of the Marley hair. Tie the leftover bit of the hair band around your puff so that the Marley hair is hanging in two pieces on the right and left side of your face.  Start with the right or left side and wrap the Marley hair all the way around the side of your hair. Secure it with pins. Take the remaining side and pull it over your hair that is peeking through the bun. Secure that with pins.

5) There will be a bit of Marley hair left. You can pull it back over your bun and tuck it into the middle, or you can separate the remaining hair into two sections and pin them around either side of your bun.

Below, check out a few videos of some inventive Marley hair faux bun styles:

MissGlamourGirl1992Natural Hair (Protective Style): Faux bun and Faux bang tutorial 

jouelzyEmpress Bun: Marley Braid Bun on 4C Hair (Redux)

mstanish1 Flawless Faux Bun Tutorial

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