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REVIEW: “12 Years a Slave”

15 Nov

12 years a slave

They stand there dank-faced and silent, outfitted in their rough sack-cloth, listening as the plantation’s overseer instructs them on how to properly cut sugarcane.

“12 Years a Slave”‘s opening scene portrays the banality of plantation life – slaves being taught how to work the fields had to have been a mundane sight for those who lived in that time. But Platt’s (formerly known as Solomon Northrup) eyes, veiled with grimness, reflect the true horror of the scene. Behind his mournful gaze, one can almost see the atrocities that await him as a slave.

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WATCH: Jamie Foxx’s “…And She Was My Eve”

8 Nov

© Jamie Foxx

Boy meets girl. Girl rejects boy. Tormented by the agony of unrequited love, boy grows up to be the black Victor Frankenstein and … you’ll just have to watch the rest.

”… And She Was My Eve,” directed by actor-comedian-singer Jamie Foxx, is an eerie, visually fantastical take on the lengths to which a person is willing to go to find true love.

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