WATCH: Jamie Foxx’s “…And She Was My Eve”

8 Nov

© Jamie Foxx

Boy meets girl. Girl rejects boy. Tormented by the agony of unrequited love, boy grows up to be the black Victor Frankenstein and … you’ll just have to watch the rest.

”… And She Was My Eve,” directed by actor-comedian-singer Jamie Foxx, is an eerie, visually fantastical take on the lengths to which a person is willing to go to find true love.

Foxx’s short is one of ten films, five by celebrity directors, created for Canon U.S.A. and Academy Award winner Ron Howard’s Project Imaginat10n. The film festival originates from Canon’s contest in which participants illustrated ten storytelling themes through photography. Five celebrity directors and five film contest winners each chose 10 photos out of 91 winning, user-submitted photographs to inform their films.

Watch “… And She Was My Eve here, and check out behind-the-scenes footage and the pictures that inspired the film here.

You can enjoy the Project Imaginat10n Film Festival on Yahoo Screen through the rest of the year.

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