“Being Mary Jane” Season Finale: A Whole Lotta Crazy

26 Feb

Being Mary Jane: Season 1, Episodes 7 & 8 Recap

Saying goodbye is hard *tear* © Black Entertainment Television

“It’s not easy letting go of your dreams” -MJ *tear* © Black Entertainment Television

As my blog post title states, last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane was a whole lot of crazy. It started off sweetly enough (minus the colorism and self-esteem issues), when Mary Jane had a popcorn-and-movie-night sleepover with Niecy. But the episode took off to another level when Mary Jane learned that her friend Terrence Mitchell – the fraudulent journalist she helped expose – committed suicide.

Poor Mary Jane has to deal with a possible lawsuit from the Mitchell family, her show being temporarily pulled off air and her father’s judgement. To make matters worse, she receives a package from the late Terrence which contains his book and a letter urging her to  continue his fight against the prison system. At the end of the first half of the finale, Mary Jane follows her gut and goes off script on her show (which features the lovely Ava Duvernay – I’m still DYING to see Middle of Nowhere) to deliver a call to action for her viewers. She fiercely lists statistic after statistic of the incarceration rates of the black community and demands that the public do more. Kara, who questioned Mary Jane’s ability to handle the news business earlier in the episode, seems incredibly proud of her friend and tells her, “You’re the real thing, mama.”

Speaking of real, Patrick and Paul Jr. did not play any games with Niecy’s baby’s father Dante. It was disheartening to learn that Dante did not even tell his mother that he had a child on the way, let alone a second child. But thankfully, Patrick and Paul Jr. managed to get him to the hospital so he could witness his daughter’s birth and hold her. That hospital scene was equal parts endearing and comical because Helen was tripping off of the munchies. Paul Jr. definitely succeeded in his quest to get her to partake of weed edibles. It was nice to finally see Helen relax and enjoy herself.

Mary Jane looked like quite the natural as she held the newest member of the Patterson family. That could not have helped those baby-making urges of hers, which set the tone for the remainder of the finale, starting with David stopping by MJ’s house unannounced to ask the most loaded question of all loaded questions: “Did you steal my sperm?”

Erhm… Yeah, Mary Jane did not anticipate that coming back to bite her in the butt. David tries to force her to take a pregnancy test, then they fuss about her being crazy (“Crazy is what men say when they want women to shut up,” says MJ. Nice one) and argue about their ill-fated relationship. Somehow the confrontation results in them sipping wine on the couch and David expressing that MJ’s extreme act of deception is flattering. He leaves her house like a boss: “If you wanted a baby, all you had to do was ask.” If he had a mic, he would have dropped it.

He shouldn’t have done that. That moment translated into ‘he likes me, he really really likes me’ for MJ. She actually chases him down the street in her car, nearly getting into an accident, to profess her love for him. “I finally figured it out. There has never been anyone but you,” she implores while standing in the street in her bathrobe and slippers. David lets her have it; reminding her of how she left him when he appeared to be down and out as he was building his Internet business. This scene exposes a lot of MJ’s character. She always wants people to feel sorry for her but she never really owns up to the part she plays in her misery. Also, she is delusional.

She bickers with and embarrasses her friend Nichelle at her work event because she is convinced that Nichelle told David about the frozen sperm. Nichelle calls MJ toxic and exposes even more of her character. What kind of person doesn’t go to her friend’s house after eight years of invitations??? Somehow all the vitriol MJ spewed at Nichelle dissipates when she learns that Dr. Lisa was the disloyal friend who told David about the frozen sperm in her meddling efforts to get him to leave MJ alone.

They drink tequila and somehow laugh about it, even calling Nichelle so MJ can (insincerely) apologize. Dr. Lisa proves just how awesome of a friend she is when she joins MJ in an expedition to David’s house. David’s new girlfriend opens the door to a rude MJ who interrupts their dinner party, insisting on seeing David. She tells him, “I know every guy wants a ride-or-die chick” as she attempts to woo him from his girlfriend. The gall!

That didn’t work out too well for her, as David’s girlfriend predicted. So in another brilliant move, MJ rolls up on Andre’s house, this time with Kara in tow. The guilt of breaking up a home seems to weigh heavily on her, especially with the added pressure of Kara’s judgment, so MJ begs Avery to take Andre back. Then Kara engages in victim-blaming with Avery, using their shared experience as wives who have been cheated on, to encourage her to consider that she may be able to learn something from “the gift of the other woman’s (MJ) insight.” Now I know Kara and MJ had been drinking, but that scene was deplorable. MJ even has the nerve to tell Avery how to have oral sex with her husband. Ugh!

This episode basically proves that MJ is never short of brilliant ideas, as she then rushes off to Dr. Lisa’s house to be artificially inseminated with David’s sperm. Dr. Lisa, once again, proves how great of a friend she is by agreeing to do it, after haranguing MJ and plainly telling her that David has moved on and doesn’t want her. And then, all of a sudden, something clicks in MJ’s brain and she changes her mind.

The remainder of the episode shows different moments of forgiveness set to a sentimental gospel-sounding track. Avery lets Andre come back home and we see his children leaping all over him with joy. MJ goes to David’s house to give him the sperm (weird) and wish him the best with his life. I couldn’t quite tell if she kissed him on the mouth or on the cheek; if it was the mouth, she’s STILL violating. And the season ends with David and his girlfriend cuddling on the couch as she clutches the famed tome What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Despite the season’s feel-good ending – complete with a sage driver who tells MJ how his entire life changed when he learned to live in a state of perpetual gratitude: “Everything you’re doing is preparing you for what you asked for” – methinks that MJ will completely lose her shit once she learns that David has a child on the way; unless, the writers finally bring some happiness into MJ’s life next season.

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