“Being Mary Jane” Episode 2 Recap: The Follies of Marriage, Love and Commitment

15 Jan

by Janday Wilson

“Being Mary Jane” Season 1/Episode 2 Recap


© Black Entertainment Television

Maybe Mary Jane should take solace in the fact that she is not the only one struggling in the relationship realm. In fact, much of last night’s episode was an instruction guide on what not to do.

At the start of the episode, Mary Jane battles with her private desires for marriage (or something like it) and the reality that her situation is anything but a fairytale. She rejects Andre’s proposal in a hotel room love nest, but gazes wistfully at the engagement ring he mailed to her to convince her to reconsider. In a laugh-out-loud scene, she mimics a trained seal when questioning whether or not women are trained to think, GIVE ME MARRIAGE. She tells her friend and colleague Mark (Aaron D. Spears) that marriage may not be in her future, but does she believe that?

Especially given the fact that she seems sad when her father, the man who appears to be the picture of a devoted husband, boasts about the hard time he will give his future son-in-law. The same yearning is in Mary Jane’s eyes as she listens to her mother talk about her relationship with her husband. Ironically, in this episode, she feels the need to defend the sanctity of her parents’ marriage against their family friend Katherine’s unsubtle advances.

Fully aware that Katherine’s visit” was a guise to preen in front of her husband, Mary Jane’s mother Helen rails against women who would rather steal someone else’s man rather than take the time to cultivate one of their own. Helen would probably bend Mary Jane over her knee to spank her if she found out about her messy situation with Andre. She and Paul Sr. epitomize the marriage vow “through sickness and in health,” so Helen would undoubtedly be disappointed that Mary Jane is taking part in the destruction of a marriage.

Speaking of a crumbling marriage, Andre’s wife finally confronts him about his affair with Mary Jane. She has already drafted divorce papers and is prepared to bleed him dry. Her biggest threat is that she wants full custody of their children. But while he seems prepared to risk it all, Mary Jane appears to want to forget it all.

She and her friends party it up, clichéd cop stripper and all, for girl’s night in. Once they are properly liquored up, they confess their secrets and Mary Jane’s friend brags about her affair with a married man. She tries to convince them of the perks, which include being lavished with gifts and freedom of space because she can kick him out in the morning. She even proclaims that she is saving the guy’s marriage. Everyone is horrified because she seems to relish all of the wrong that she is doing. Unfortunately, Kara’s perspective as a woman who has been cheated on adds no moral clarification to the issue as she blames her time-consuming career for her ex-husband’s infidelity.

Even Tamiko (Lesley-Ann Brandt), who appears to have it the most together in the group because she snagged Mary Jane’s former CNN job and is about to get married, reveals that things are rough on her end, too. She is afraid that her upcoming marriage is in danger because she rebuffed her fiance’s engagement ring and bought the one she preferred for herself.

Mary Jane tries to top all of her friends’ crazy when she whips out David’s frozen sperm, but what’s even crazier is that, in spite of all of this depressing girl talk, she decides to text Andre. Repeatedly. She even sent the ol’ shameful “???????” message. Listening to the absurdity of her friend’s “relationship” with a married man is apparently not enough to set Mary Jane straight.

Andre ignores her messages as his wife emasculates him: “I built you…I made you into somebody other women want.” They argue about their sex life until … whaddaya know?? They have sex.

Meanwhile, Mary Jane falls asleep nursing her iPhone. This is not going to turn out well.

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