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“Being Mary Jane” Episode 4 Recap: No, BET, We Do Not Want To Be Mary Jane

5 Feb

by Janday Wilson

“Being Mary Jane” Season 1, Episode 4 Recap

© Black Entertainment Television

© Black Entertainment Television

This recap is dedicated to that completely perplexing commercial that was aired during last night’s “Being Mary Jane,”  which promoted a Twitter campaign encouraging BMJ watchers to share the reasons why “#iammaryjane.” Wait a second. I need some time to dismount my high horse. I kiiiiind of get where BET was going with this one. Mary Jane is a complex person, as we all are. Everything living on this planet has flaws. No one is perfect. Now with that said, though I do not hate Mary Jane as much as it appears many of my fellow BMJ watchers do, I would be DAMNED if I came out and said that I am Mary Jane. I do not want to be her. Let me count the ways based off of this episode:

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