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Celebrating FindSpark’s Three-Year Anniversary and Relaunch

5 Dec

If you are a young creative professional or student and have not heard of FindSpark (previously known as NY Creative Interns), get your life in order.

After graduating from college, FindSpark Founder and President Emily Miethner had a difficult time networking in the big city. She noticed that her friends and peers were also struggling to make connections with people in creative professions, so an idea was born. In December 2010, Miethner and her friend and fellow Hofstra alum Reb Carlson launched the Meetup group NY Creative Interns to serve as a haven for young creatives looking to meet likeminded peers and mentors and gain invaluable career advice.

Three years later, NY Creative Interns has relaunched as FindSpark and is the largest Meetup group for interns and recent grads in the country. The group offers a wide variety of events and live and virtual workshops with an array of speakers and mentors, a highly curated job board and insightful career-related articles.

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